The Heritage Hunters Society


                 Making The Connection Between Worlds



 The Heritage Hunters Society is a paranormal research and investigation organization based in North Carolina that is dedicated to finding answers to all things paranormal. Most claims can be debunked with logic and scientific technique while researching and investigating possible paranormal phenomena.  It is the small percent of truly unexplainable phenomena that makes it worth all the time and effort to find real hardcore evidence.

        EMF Devices, Audio & Video Equipment and ITC Devices are just a few of the tools that most of today's Ghost Researchers and Paranormal Enthusiasts use in many of their investigations...

      Sharing the latest topics, ideas and investigative technology that is being developed  everyday to help further the field in greater paranormal findings is what this site was made for.


    The THHS site is for all who wish to share their past experiences and stories that led them into seeking the paranormal realm. If you would like to join this site, please fill out the request form, tell us about your experiences and post a true photo of yourself.



















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